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What makes CBC different than most evangelical churches in the USA can be summarized by our vision, mission and purpose statements. Each of these communicate the focus and calling the Lord has given our congregation.

Image by Bruno van der Kraan


Vision answers the question, "What is the ultimate goal of CBC?" 

The Vision of CBC is to be a devoted community of Christ-Like Disciple Makers. 

We see Acts 2:42-47 as a vivid picture of this vision. In this passage, the early church was devoted to doctrine, fellowship, communion, and prayer. They lived in awe and wonder as the Lord demonstrated His power among and through them. They were devoted to love, unity and support of one another. They were devoted to humility and gratitude. 

In this state, the Lord added to their number... daily. 

We desire to be like this. 



Mission answers the question, "How do we accomplish the vision?"

The Mission of CBC is threefold.

1.) Expository Preaching - We approach the scriptures as if they are a rebuke, a reproof, a correction, and an instruction. The scriptures are not to be used or abused to validate the opinions we already have. Instead, we desire to find what God is saying so that we may align our hearts and lives to Him. 

2.) An Enduring Community - We understand that although the American visible church has been relatively free to assemble and worship God, there will certainly be an end to that time. So we have structured our community, and are continuing to structure our community to withstand persecution. All the while desiring and praying for the will of God to be done. 

3.) Fathers and Family - We believe that each father is a pastor of his home. We desire greatly to train up fathers, grandfathers, and male leadership to foster growth in their families. As each family unit is strengthened, so the body as a whole grows stronger. 



Purpose answers the question, "Why must we complete our mission and vision?" 

The purpose of our church, like the purpose of mankind, is to bring glory to God. 

We exist to know Him, and thus become more like Him. This brings glory to God.

We exist to make Him known. This also brings glory to God. 

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